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High Tea - Bookings are required. (At least 48 hours notice).


High Tea – Is a 19th century tradition when afternoon tea was a social event. It consisted of a selection of scones, cakes, little desserts, sandwiches and savouries, often served formally in the dining room on beautiful china and silverware, set on a crisp white tablecloth served in the afternoon to prevent hunger before a late dinner.


We have recreated this style of High Tea at Moments & Memories Tea Room. Our High Tea consists of a selection of cakes, scones, savouries, finger sandwiches, served on a tiered plate.



High Tea – Cost per person is $75.00 (All inclusive). Gluten Free/vegetarian $85.00 . We do not allow sharing of our high teas.


As we are very generous with the amount served for high tea, we suggest that you that you not eat too much beforehand. Morning & Afternoon bookings available. 


We offer iced tea on arrival with  dips and crisp bread, high tea itself which consists of savouries (5  to 6 selections per person), sweets ( 5 to 6 selections per person)and finger sandwiches ( 3 fillings = 1 sandwich per person per filling) we also offer a drinks selection, off our drink menu. 

Owner Lyn Oswald invites you to take a moment to step back in time and make a memory, with us.


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