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Pink Sugar

Coach Tours 

We are pleased to provide you with a variety of coach tour options that include breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, and luncheon. Join us for a delightful journey and enjoy our exceptional services. Our dining room can seat up to 50 people. 

Breakfast - Buffet $35.00 per person. Minimum 20 people 

Morning/Afternoon Tea From $16.50 per person 

Luncheon - Set menu Prices start from $30.00 per person 

for 2 course meals. Minimum  20 people. 

Light luncheon - A round of mixed (4 points) sandwiches, A scone & jam & Cream plus tea/coffee $25.00 per person. Also available with 6 points of Sandwiches for $30.00 per person. Minimum 20 People. 

Roast Meal - 2 Courses $35.00 per person 

Roast of the day served with 5 roasted & steamed vegetables. Plus sweet of the day. Minimum 20 people. 

All group bookings require advance bookings. At least 2 weeks notice. 

We are prepared to open for evening bookings provided minium of 20 people. 

Smaller groups contact us for options available. 

Payment is required on the day. 

Pink Sugar


We cater for all your group booking requirements. 

Car Clubs

Bike Clubs 

Hiking Groups

Work Groups 

Social Groups

We also do special 





Christmast Parties 

Baby showers 

High Tea 


Morning/Afternoon Tea 


We are prepared to open outside our normal trading hours, including  

Evenings & Days when we are normally closed.

Your booking must meet our minimum requirements.

Evening Meals

Bookings a must & Minimum 20 required.


Set menu from $30.00 per person for 2 course meal deals. (main & Sweet) 

Please contact us for details of meals available. 

Roast Meal - 2 Courses 

Roast of the day served with 5 roasted & steamed vegetables. Plus sweet of the day $35.00 per person. Minimum booking 20 people.  (We require at least 1 weeks notice for this option).

We are always happy to work with your group to create a menu that suits your requirements. 

All groups are required to book in advance & payment is required on the day. 

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